Our expectations for the best Black Friday deals on iPhones in 2023

Next month, on November 24th, Black Friday 2023 will commence. Like previous years, we can look forward to witnessing incredible phone deals, such as exceptional discounts on Galaxy and Pixel phones. Furthermore, there will likely be enticing offers on iPads and Apple Watches during this Black Friday sale. Additionally, if you prefer to shop at Best Buy, they are expected to have impressive discounts and savings available for you to enjoy.

Best Black Friday deals on iPhones in 2023

Those who are looking to purchase a new iPhone will probably have the opportunity to save on one as well. Black Friday offers decent discounts on Apple’s phones, although they may not be as substantial as the discounts offered on Android-powered devices.


Where and how much could you buy an iPhone on Black Friday last year?

iPhone 13

Last year, Walmart offered the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max with a $300 eGift card during Black Friday. While this was a tempting offer, it required you to subscribe to a plan from AT&T or Verizon to avail of the deal. Similar deals were available for older iPhone models as well. For example, Walmart provided eGift cards worth $400 with the iPhone 13. Therefore, we can anticipate that this year, Walmart will likely offer eGift cards along with contracts for the new iPhone 15 Pro models and Apple’s iPhone 14 lineup.

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It is intriguing to note that Walmart offered the iPhone 12 mini at a remarkable price of only $349 last year. This price was remarkable considering the iPhone 12 mini’s small form factor and impressive capabilities. We are hopeful of witnessing a comparable offer for the latest iPhone 13 mini this time.

iPhone SE(2020)

Also, we shouldn’t overlook the iPhone SE models from Apple. The previous year, the iPhone SE 2020 was available with a fantastic 20% price reduction. Regrettably, only the 64GB version was on sale, and it was exclusively for AT&T customers. Nevertheless, a 20% discount on an already reasonably priced phone is quite decent, and we are optimistic about the possibility of a comparable deal for the upcoming iPhone SE (2022) in the Black Friday sales of 2023.

Certainly, if purchasing a pre-owned device is not an issue for you, it is highly probable that you can obtain a refurbished iPhone at a tremendous discount. As evidenced by last year’s occurrence, the previous generation iPhone 11 Pro Max was listed on Amazon with a 43% reduction from its original price, indicating that there will likely be similar exceptional deals on refurbished devices this year too.

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Where can one locate the finest iPhone offers on Black Friday 2023?


We have got you covered with the top-notch iPhone deals of Black Friday 2023! Simply save this page as a bookmark, revisit when the event kicks off, and stay tuned as the deals roll out. At present, Walmart and Amazon are leading the pack in providing the most enticing iPhone deals, closely followed by Best Buy. Additionally, major carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and others are known to offer attractive Black Friday deals, so we will also keep an eye on their offerings.


What is the quality of Black Friday iPhone deals?

Although Apple rarely reduces the prices of its phones, it is common for other retailers and major US carriers to provide significant Black Friday discounts and deals on iPhones. Generally, older models such as the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and the recently released iPhone 14, as well as the budget-friendly “special” iPhone SE, are more likely to receive substantial price cuts.

And if you don’t mind buying refurbished iPhones, there’s a good chance you can snag a high-end Pro or Pro Max model at a significant discount. In the past, the renewed iPhone 12 Pro Max received a nearly $300 reduction, and Walmart offered a $100 discount on the refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max.


What are the best ways to locate the finest offers for iPhones on Black Friday?

iPhone 15

Keep an eye out for Walmart, Best Buy, and occasionally Amazon on the days leading up to Black Friday because they typically offer highly appealing deals on iPhones. These deals can apply to new iPhones, refurbished devices, or iPhones that come with a contract and monthly payment plan. Rest assured that we will provide you with the top iPhone deals right here!

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Is it possible to purchase an unlocked iPhone during Black Friday?

Certainly! You have the opportunity to purchase discounted newer iPhones on Black Friday without any contractual obligations, carrier locks, or similar restrictions. Apple even provides a wide range of carrier network bands, ensuring that you can use the iPhone anywhere. Although you may need to follow carrier procedures to unlock it after a specific duration, you can still confidently purchase an iPhone knowing it will work in various locations.

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